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PT2SCO Visual Scientifics 2D Collisions
PT2SCO Visual Scientifics 2D Collisions

PT2SCO Visual Scientifics 2D Collisions

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Visual Scientifics 2D Collisions

Using the Visual Scientifics Platform this state of the art equipment makes learning about the conservation of energy and momentum more interesting than ever.

This kit contains:
- Metal ramp
- Mounting base
- Rotatable platform
- (2) metal balls

Main activities are:
-  Two-dimensional collisions for investigating linear momentum, elastic collisions, and conservation of energy
-  Measure the momentum of two spheres colliding elastically at edge of table for detailed examination

- 12 Next generation science standards covered.
- 13 Common core standards covered
- Lab activity book is 28 pages and covers 3-4 hours of lab materials

Required Components (not included):
- Visual Scientifics Base

Recommended Accessories:
- Visual Scientifics Back Board
- Video camera
- Protractor
- Ruler