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Osmosis and Diffusion Kit #22

Osmosis and Diffusion Kit #22

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Osmosis and Diffusion Kit #22

Can studying the basic life process function of osmosis and diffusion stimulate your students' curiosity? It can with this hands-on lab experience! Students observe first hand the characteristics of a deferentially permeable membrane. Some substances will pass through the membrane and some won't. Some will actually pass through the membrane in both directions simultaneously. Simple color changes help students visualize this biological-physiological phenomenon. Kit is complete for 30 students.

Observe diffusion through a membrane in two directions at the same time Observe selective permeability of a membrane Understand how osmosis and diffusion relate to cellular life processes on a cellular level

36 Glucose testing strips
12 Membranes, semi-permeable
12 Cups, plastic
3 Droppers
3 Lugol’s solution, bottle
2 Glucose solution, bottle
2 Liquid Starch, bottle
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
28 Student Worksheets and Guides

Number of students 24

Number of groups Maximum 12 per period

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