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Identification of Substances Kit #83

Identification of Substances Kit #83

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Identification of Substances Kit #83

Specific positive and negative ions are often used to identify inorganic substances. In this kit, students are asked to identify common metallic and non-metallic ions in zinc, cadmium, antimony, barium, sulfate, sulfide, sulfite, and carbonate. Through the identification process, students learn that each substance has distinctive properties. As a closing activity, students conduct chemical tests on four unknown substances. All test results are safe, clear, colorful, and unmistakable! Since one kit provides supplies for twelve students working individually, LAB-AIDS® recommends ordering additional kits. The Identification of Substances Kit is an excellent complement to both the Qualitative Analysis Chromatography Kit (LAB-AIDS® No. 18) and the Identification of Chemical Reactions Kit (LAB-AIDS® No. 84).


A thorough introduction to acid and bases Produce hydrogen by reacting acids with metals Collect and safely test hydrogen Produce carbon dioxide by reacting carbonates with acids Collect and test carbon dioxide Observe effects of acids and bases on indicator dyes Measure concentration of acids by titration of an "unknown" Perform a neutralization experiment

1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
50 Student Worksheets and Guides
12 Chemplates® with spatulas
2 Solution 1, Hydrochloric acid, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 2, Sodium carbonate, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 3, Sodium hydroxide, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 4, Potassium chromate, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 5, Calcium chloride, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 6, Sodium hydrogen sulfite, Drop control bottle
2 Solution No. 7, Copper sulfate, Drop control bottle
2 “Unknown” solution, Drop control bottle

 Number of students 50

Number of groups  Maximum 12 groups per period

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