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Leybold LD Didactic

A2.1.1.4 Wiring Systems of Automatic Start Stop Systems Leybold Physics Lab Experiment

A2.1.1.4 Wiring Systems of Automatic Start Stop Systems Leybold Physics Lab Experiment

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Wiring Systems of Automatic Start Stop Systems

The on-board power supply governs the construction and function of energy and data management in the modern vehicle. It forms a system of energy supply and distribution including drive and control.

In vehicles with start/stop systems the battery voltage will often sink below 12 V as a result of the many start processes. If a voltage stabiliser is used, the on-board voltage will remain at a constant 12 V during the starting process in order to maintain maximum convenience. The voltage stabiliser is a DC/DC transformer on the selected components, such as the instrument cluster connection to the radio as well as the ABS/ESP controller.

Suitable measures are employed in this device set to reduce the on-board power supply voltage during start processes without large currents being necessary for this. This allows the function of the stabiliser to be didactically examined by comparing the voltage in front of and after it.


1 738 10 Ignition switch
1 738 032 Battery connection with protection circuit
2 738 07 Interior lamp
1 738 027 Digital power supply 1 - 16 V/40 A
1 738 871 Starter substitute w. load simulation
1 738 32 Voltage stabilizer
1 738 06 ** 12 V on-board socket

Measuring equipment

2 727 20 Automobile Meter Zero-Left


1 775 010DE LIT: A2.1.1.1/4 Vehicle power supply
2 500 59 Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10
1 500 592 Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10
1 726 09 Panel frame T130, two-level
1 738 05 Connection leads I, set
1 500 441 Connecting lead 19 A, 100 cm, red
1 500 444 Connecting lead 19 A, 100 cm, black
1 500 412 Connecting lead, 19 A, 25 cm, blue
2 500 411 Connecting lead, 19 A, 25 cm, red
1 500 401 Connecting lead, 19 A, 10 cm, red
1 500 402 Connecting lead, 19A, 10 cm, blue
1 689 0813 Set 12 automotive fuses
1 689 0814 Set 2 automotive automatic fuses

Materials and equipment for teaching Physics labs, advanced science experiment apparatus, Leybold

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