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Leybold LD Didactic

A2.1.1.1 Energy Monitoring Automotive Technology

A2.1.1.1 Energy Monitoring Automotive Technology

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Energy Monitoring

The car battery is an essential component of the electrical system. The 738031 "Battery monitoring" educational panel contains the "diagnostic interface for data bus" with the battery's energy management functionality. This consists of software and the battery data module (BDM), directly on the vehicle battery's negative pole and connected to the diagnostic interface over a LIN bus line.

The BDM determines the battery's state with sensors recording the battery's current, voltage and temperature. This continually calculates the battery's state of charge and state of wear using, among others, battery characteristics stored in the control unit.

The standby current keeps the battery voltage from declining below a minimum value needed to start the vehicle. For example, operation of the auxiliary heating is disabled, and a display on the instrument cluster informs the driver.

The dynamic management distributes the energy generated while driving to the individual loads. This is especially important if the energy does is not sufficient for the demand because of the number of loads (seat heater, lights, rear window).


1 738 031 Battery monitoring
1 739 588 LIN-BUS PC interface USB
1 737 9803 OBD Adaptor CAN+USB
1 738 04 Car battery 12V
1 738 044 AGM-battery 12V
1 738 05 Connection leads I, set
1 738 90 Parallel Glow System
1 738 963 TDI Control Relay for Preheating System
1 738 10 Ignition switch
1 738 06 12 V on-board socket
1 738 043 Vehicle battery connecting kit

Measuring equipment

1 524 013SKFZ ** Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter, Automotive
1 524 0033 * WiFi adapter for Sensor-CASSY
1 738 9991 ** DC/AC clamp-on current probe


1 726 09 Panel frame T130, two-level
2 500 59 Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10
1 500 592 Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10
5 500 644 Safety connecting lead, 100 cm, black
1 689 0813 Set 12 automotive fuses
1 689 0814 Set 2 automotive automatic fuses
1 775 010DE LIT: A2.1.1.1/4 Vehicle power supply

Supplementary equipment

1 738 01 Cable and plug box
1 500 593 Fault simulation plugs, black, set of 10
1 738 021 Battery charger, automatic

Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

Materials and equipment for teaching Physics labs, advanced science experiment apparatus, Leybold

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