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8111 Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations

8111 Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations

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Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillation

The study of oscillatory motion of a mass hanging from a spring allows students to be introduced to the motion features of an harmonic oscillator and to be acquainted with one of the most powerful models for the physical interpretation of a wide range of phenomena. Here it is possible to see how this item is used to perform experiments on oscillatory motion in real time. This topic can be treated using a distance sensor and an RTL system. The software allows you to define and see physical quantities deriving from measured quantities. In this way it is possible to analyze the trend of quantities which can not be measured through a sensor: the energies related to the development of the phenomena. The following graph, obtained thanks to the computer, shows, on the top, the elongation of a mass-spring oscillator; on the bottom its speed. Between the two graphs it’s possible to see the trend of the elastic potential energy (in green) and of the kinetic energy (in purple). As it is shown, the energies have a double frequency compared to associated sizes, and their sum (in red) is almost constant.  Elongation, speed and energies of a elastic pendulum.


  • Hooke’s law
  • Mechanics of the harmonic motion
  • Mass-spring oscillator
  • The simple pendulum
  • The physical pendulum
  • The torsion pendulum

Supplied Materials:

  • 1 Metal support with rod and upper cross-bar for pendulums 
  • 1 Kit with 4 springs and
  • 1 elastic
  • 1 Wooden sphere for simple pendulum, diameter 50
  • 1 Polystyrene sphere, diameter 50
  • 1 Polystyrene sphere, diameter 160
  • 1 Skein of string 
  • 1 Composed pendulum
  • 2 Metal cylinders
  • 1 Lower cross-bar with protractor for torsion pendulum
  • 1 Brass rod 2x600mm 
  • 1 Steel rod 2x600mm
  • 1 Steel rod 2x300mm
  • 1 Steel rod 2,5x600mm
  • 1 Equalizer for torsion pendulum
  • 1 Weight holder (Pan)
  • 1 Reflector disk 4 10g weights 4 20g weights
  • 1 Clamp
  • 1 Base with rod
  • 1 Hex key

Material required not supplied

  • 1 Distance sensor cod. 9041+ interface
  • 1 Force sensor cod. 9032
  • 1 Support for sensors cod. 4014

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