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8107 Uniform Linear Motion Apparatus
8107 Uniform Linear Motion Apparatus
8107 Uniform Linear Motion Apparatus

8107 Uniform Linear Motion Apparatus

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Uniform Linear Motion Apparatus

During the fall of the magnet, the aluminum tube is linked to a variable magnetic flux and therefore it has induced currents whose directions, according to Lenz’s law, are opposite to what has generated them, i.e. the magnet’s motion, in this case. Thanks to the principle of action and reaction, the magnet reacts on the tube with an equal and opposite force and, therefore, during the fall with uniform motion of the magnet, the spring scale measures a force with an intensity equal to the sum of the tube’s and the magnet’s weights. EXPERIMENTS: - Falling of a magnet in an aluminum tube; - verification of the action-reaction law; - Uniform motion with Atwood machine (cod. 8106). NOTE: In order to realize the third experience of the uniform motion is necessary to have the appliance code 8106.


Supplied Materials:

  • 1 Base for rod
  • 2 Dobble bossheads
  • 1 1000 x 10 mm rod
  • 1 Spring scale 1000 g
  • 1 Kit of magnets
  • 1 Perforated stopper
  • 4 10 g masses, diameter 4 mm
  • 2 Clamps with bosshead
  • 1 Aluminum tube with ring-shape support
  • 1 Container to collect the magnets
  • 1 Ring-shape PVC guide for tube
  • 1 Support for spring scale
  • pdf teaching guide

Items NOT Supplied:

1 Interface code 9001
1 Distance sensor code 9041
1 USB distance sensor code 9066