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Leybold LD Didactic

7002501 COM3LAB Course: Electrical Machines I

7002501 COM3LAB Course: Electrical Machines I

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COM3LAB Course: Electrical Machines I

Comprises an experiment board, housed within a board carrier, for use in conjunction with, and powered by the Master Unit (700020, supplied separately) teaching a course concerning the connection methods and the recording of characteristics of electric motors and generators, experiments being wired by using 2 mm safety cables (700022, supplied separately). With the integrated machine test system, a multitude of experiments can be carried out, for example the recording of torque, power and current-locus curves. Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught via course-specific software

Curriculum Coverage

  • Forces in a magnetic field
  • Measurement of Lorentz force
  • Drives
  • Torque-speed characteristics
  • Machine test system
  • d.c. machines
  • Speed and induced voltage with d.c. machines
  • Torque and armature voltage with d.c. machines
  • Torque and excitation voltage with d.c. machines
  • d.c. machines with external excitation
  • Reversible of direction
  • Characteristics with variable armature voltage
  • Characteristics with variable excitation voltage
  • Shunt-wound d.c. machines
  • Characteristics with variable operating voltage
  • Series-wound d.c. machines
  • Reversal of direction with d.c. machines
  • Characteristics with variable operating voltage
  • Generator operation of d.c. machines
  • Drive and generator with a resistive load
  • Power output of generator
  • Rotating field (three-phase) machines
  • Three-phase windings
  • Rotating fields
  • Direction of rotation with periodic swapping of phase conductors
  • Direction of rotation when phase conductors are swapped
  • Voltage and current in star (Y) circuits
  • Voltage and current in delta circuits
  • Resistance in stator winding
  • Reactance of an a.c. winding
  • Synchronous machines
  • Equivalent circuit diagram for synchronous machines & how they are used
  • Permanently excited synchronous machines
  • Step operation of synchronous machines
  • Determining rotor position in star configuration
  • Determining rotor position in delta configuration
  • Synchronous machine at variable speed (run-up)
  • Speed measurement
  • Speed setting using frequency converter
  • Asynchronous machines
  • Block and equivalent circuit diagrams for asynchronous machines
  • Determination of slip
  • Star-delta starting
  • Measurement of torque and line currents during run-up
  • Changing direction of asynchronous machines
  • Recording of torque-speed characteristic for asynchronous machines
  • Three-phase drives
  • Changing speed of asynchronous machines
  • How speed depends on slip
  • How speed depends on stator frequency
  • Stepper motors
  • Full-step operation
  • Half-step operation
  • Changing the direction of a stepper motor
Virtual Laboratory
  • Multi-channel Oscilloscope
  • Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • Multimeter (x2)
  • Digital analyser
Additional Functions
  • Word Processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Free Experimentation
  • Glossary
The COM3LAB software contains courses in all supported languages and the current version can be downloaded from WWW.LD-DIDACTIC.DE for free. Alternatively, the COM3LAB software can also be obtained on DVD (70000CBT).


Technical Data:

    • Synchronous machine with optical rotary field indicator and strobe for speed determination
    • Induction motor with star-delta switch
    • Optical tachogenerator
    • DC motor
    • DC generator
    • Current-torque converter
    • Thermometer
    • Electronic load
    • Three phase generator, phase voltage: 0 V. .. 10 V
    • Frequency converter, Frequency: 1 Hz - 80 Hz
    • DC supplies
    • Stepper motor
    • Electrodynamic force meter
    • Multichannel oscilloscope

1 562 791 Plug-in power supply, 12 V AC
1 700 00CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software
1 700 020 COM3LAB: Master Unit
1 700 022 Set of Safety Cables (2mm, 16 Qty., 6 x 30cm & 10 x 15cm)
1 562 791NA * Plug-in power supply 115 V/12 V AC

Com3Lab Software Package Download PLEASE CLICK HERE

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