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7002401 COM3LAB Course: Three-Phase Technology
7002401 COM3LAB Course: Three-Phase Technology
Leybold LD Didactic

7002401 COM3LAB Course: Three-Phase Technology

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COM3LAB Course: Three-Phase Technology

Comprises an experiment board, housed within a board carrier, for use in conjunction with, and powered by the Master Unit (700020, supplied separately) teaching a course investigating the behavior of a three-phase system, experiments being wired by using 2 mm safety cables (700022, supplied separately). Practical exercises show the generation of the rotary fields or the function of the transformer. Furthermore, passive components in different circuits are discussed. Coils, capacitors and resistors are analyzed and evaluated in different circuits. An 8-channel oscilloscope enables the simultaneous measurement of all voltages and currents in the three-phase system. Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught via course-specific software.

Curriculum Coverage

  • Characteristics of a 3-phase system
  • Representation of line diagrams & phase relationships
  • Star- & delta circuits with different loads
  • Measurement of phase & line voltage/current
  • Ohmic load
  • Symmetrical & unsymmetrical charges
  • Measurement of power in the 3-phase system

Virtual Laboratory

  • Spectrum analyzer (FFT module)
  • Frequency Counter
  • Multimeters (x2)
  • Function Generator
  • Digital Memory Oscilloscope
  • Multiplexer for recording 4 voltages  and 4  currents

Additional Functions

  • Word Processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Free Experimentation
  • Glossary

1 700 00CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software
1 700 020 COM3LAB: Master Unit
1 700 022 Set of Safety Cables (2mm, 16 Qty., 6 x 30cm & 10 x 15cm)


Com3Lab Software Package Download PLEASE CLICK HERE