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Leybold LD Didactic

7001801 COM3LAB Course: Digital Technology II

7001801 COM3LAB Course: Digital Technology II

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COM3LAB Course: Digital Technology II

Comprises an experiment board, housed within a board carrier, for use in conjunction with, and powered by the Master Unit (700020, supplied separately) teaching a practical course on the basics of digital technology (switching networks) by forming various circuits wired by using 2 mm safety cables (700022, supplied separately). This course deals with the operation and use of flip-flops. Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught via course-specific software.

Curriculum Coverage

  • Flip-flops
  • RS flip-flops
  • RS flip-flops with clock input
  • Monostable and astable multivibrators
  • Schmitt triggers
  • D flip-flops
  • JK flip-flops
  • JK master-slave flip-flops
  • Frequency dividers
  • Counters
  • Shift registers
  • Parallel-serial converters

Virtual Laboratory

  • Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • Multimeter (x2)
  • Digital analyzer
Additional Functions
  • Word Processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Free Experimentation
  • Glossary
The COM3LAB software contains courses in all supported languages and the current version can be downloaded from WWW.LD-DIDACTIC.DE for free. Alternatively, the COM3LAB software can also be obtained on DVD (70000CBT).


Technical Data:

    • 2 x AND, 2 x NOR, 4 x NAND
    • 2 Inverter
    • 1 Schmitt trigger
    • 1 7-segment display
    • 4 JK flip-flop
    • 1 Universal shift register
    • 4 command switches,
    • 2 sensors, 4 LEDs


1 700 00CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software
1 700 020 COM3LAB: Master Unit
2 700 022 Set of Safety Cables (2mm, 16 Qty., 6 x 30cm & 10 x 15cm)

Com3Lab Software Download Package PLEASE CLICK HERE

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