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5718 Low-Frequency Signals Generator & Amplifier

5718 Low-Frequency Signals Generator & Amplifier

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Low-Frequency Signals Generator & Amplifier

It is a generator of precision signals, amplified in power. It can generate sine, square and triangular waves. The frequency of the main generator varies from 0.1 Hz to 100 KHz. The maximum output power is 4W. Equipped with LED display showing the frequency. The output is taken from either 4Ω or 600Ω 4 mm white socket. This instrument is particularly suitable for teaching and for scientific research. Technical features: - 4Ω and 600Ω outputv - Auxiliary input for the amplifier stage; - Frequency range: 0.1 Hz - 100 kHz; - Wave shape: sine, square and triangular; - Output power: 4W (into 4Ω load); - Output width: 11V peak to peak; - Output attenuator 1x / 0.1X / 0.01X (on the 600ohm output). - Electrical Supply: 220-240V ac 50-60Hz -


Dimensions: 255x220x110mm overall; mass: 3,2 kg.

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