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5549 Van De Graaff Generator

5549 Van De Graaff Generator

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Van De Graaff Generator


The Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic machine which uses a moving belt to accumulate electrostatic charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of a transparent and insulated column, that allows students to see how the system operates.
It is provided with a 225 mm sphere which can generate approximately 150 ÷ 200 KV.
Provided with electric variable speed motor or hand driving. Discharge sphere, electrostatic plume and electrostatic whirl are included.  It’s possible to adjust the distance between the globe and the discharge sphere, through an articulated joint placed on the base.

Dimensions: Spheres’ diameter: 225 mm and 70 mm Height: circa 650 mm Base: 250 x 350 mm

Accessories included Electrostatic plume Plumes stand on due to the repulsive force between same charges. Electrostatic whirl When placed on the globe of the Van de Graaff Generator, the spokes are propelled by charge leaving the points.



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