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5392 LED Light Wavelength Measurement Kit

5392 LED Light Wavelength Measurement Kit

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LED Light Wavelength Measurement Kit

The light emitted by a LED, is not monochromatic; it covers a small frequency band. If you want to measure Planck’s constant with a LED , it is necessary to know this band medium frequency, which is easy to measure with this kit that exploits the diffraction grating.


Supplied Materials:

  • 1 Linear ruler
  • 1 LED projector with power unit
  • 1 Lens +10 with lens holder
  • 1 Filter holder
  • 1 Diffraction grating 500l/mm
  • 1 Base for LED 3 Bases
  • 1 White screen
  • 1 Case
  • 1 Didactic guide

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