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5114 Modular Transformer
5114 Modular Transformer
5114 Modular Transformer

5114 Modular Transformer

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Modular Transformer

It consists of a nucleus made of laminated ferromagnetic material which can be divided into two parts (one is “U” shaped, the other straight) in order to replace the coils. Max. applied voltage: 6Vac. CONTENTS: The electromagnetic induction Verification of Neumann’s law Verification of Lenz’s law Transformation of alternating voltages Transformation of alternating currents The auto - transformer Thomson’s ring The induction oven.

Supplied Materials:

  • Tripod base
  • U-shaped nucleus made of laminated iron
  • Closure yoke
  • Support rod
  • Coil 1600 turns
  • Coil 400 turns
  • Coil 50 turns
  • Aluminum ring
  • Melting pot with handle