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4336 Light Diffusion Kit
4336 Light Diffusion Kit
4336 Light Diffusion Kit

4336 Light Diffusion Kit

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Light Diffusion Kit

Why is the sky blue at midday while it turns red at sunset? When the light passes through particles with comparable size of the light’s wavelength, light diffusion (elastic scattering) takes place. The molecules in the air have a size comparable to the wavelength of blue component of the light. Consequently, the molecules scatter blue light from the sun much more efficiently than the other components. For this reason, our eyes see the blue sky. On the contrary, at sunset, light passes through a larger layer of the atmosphere and it goes through many solid particles (dust) that scatter the red component of the sun rays. With this kit, you can observe on a screen the phenomenon of progressive diffusion. With the polarizing filter it is also possible to study the polarization of the diffused light. The optic projector must be bought separately.

Supplied Materials:

  • 1 Basin
  • 1 Dropper
  • 1 Polarizing filter
  • 1 Glass stirrer
  • 1 Half-transparent screen

Not supplied equipment:

  • 1 Dioptric projector
  • 1 Tripod base with rod for the projector
  • 1 Double bosshead
  • Whole Milk