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4080 120 cm, Wave and Geometrical Optics Bench Kit

4080 120 cm, Wave and Geometrical Optics Bench Kit

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120 cm, Wave and Geometrical Optics Bench Kit

With this optical bench, the teacher can perform a great number of quantitative and qualitative experiments on both geometrical and undulating aspects of optic waves.  This bench is a necessary educational instrument in order to make a lesson a real moment of union between theory and experimental reality, and this is because of the quickness of its assembly and the ease in performing the experiments. CONTENTS: Rectilinear propagation of optical waves Lunar and solar eclipse Light scattering Radiation law Reflection laws Reflection in spherical mirrors Images in spherical mirrors Refraction laws Total internal reflection Refraction through a prism Refraction through lenses Images in lenses The eye and its imperfections Optical instruments The diode laser Diffraction through a hole Diffraction through a slit Measuring the wavelength of a laser Interference of light Interference according to Young Measurement of a wavelength with Young’s method Diffraction grating Measurement of a wavelength with a grating Measuring the wavelength of white light Linear polarization Polarized light Natural rotatory power

Supplied Materials:

1 Linear ruler 1 Red filter 1 Green filter 1 Blue filter 1 Semitransparent glass 1 Slide 1 Plexiglas semi cylinder 1 Diaphragm with square hole 1 Plane mirror 1 Double symmetrical arc 1 Rectangular isosceles prism 1 Diaphragm with hole 2mm 1 Diaphragm with hole 0,4 mm 1 Diaphragm with hole 0,2 mm 1 Diaphragm with 1 slit 1 Diaphragm with 2 slits 1 Crown glass optical prism 1 Red diode laser with 3V power supply 4 Holder 1 Projector holder 1 Sphere with stem 1 Double spherical mirror +10 -10 1 Optical bench 120 cm 1 Movable LED projector with 6V power supply 1 White screen with graduated scale 1 Pair of polarizers 1 Polarimetric tube 1 Punctiform bulb 1 Earth – Moon system 1 Adjustable slit 1 Horizontal goniometer 1 Lens +6 cm with lens holder rod 1 Lens +10 with lens holder rod 1 Lens -10 with lens holder rod 1 Filter holder 1 Microscope slide with holder 1 Grating 500 lines/mm 1 Square ruler 1 Glass beaker 1 Large box 1 Experiments guide

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