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4028 Kirchoff-Bunsen’s Spectroscope

4028 Kirchoff-Bunsen’s Spectroscope

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Kirchoff-Bunsen’s Spectroscope

The item is mounted on a circular metal platform, it is composed of: 1 collector with adjustable slit, 1 collector with graduated scale and 1 collimator with 2 interchangeable eyepieces. The slit of the collector is supplied with a small prism which allows you to compare the spectrum of two different sources. While the collector, equipped with achromatic objective, is fixed to the platform, the collimator can rotate on an alidade, keeping the directional axis in the center of the apparatus. The collector with graduated scale requires a small white light source to project the image of the scale in the eyepiece of the collimator by means of the reflection on a face of the prism. The equilateral prism made of highly dispersive material. With this device you can study the spectrum of a source of monochromatic or polychromatic light. We recommend the use of interferential filters to the check of the wavelength.
Complete with teaching guide.

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