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UE1050121-115 3b Scientific Experiment: Elliptical Oscillation of a String Pendulum

UE1050121-115 3b Scientific Experiment: Elliptical Oscillation of a String Pendulum

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Experiment: Elliptical Oscillation of a String Pendulum 

Objective: Description of elliptical oscillations of a string pendulum as the superimposition of two components perpendicular to one another


Depending on the initial conditions, a suitable suspended string pendulum will oscillate in such a way that the bob’s motion describes an ellipse for small pendulum deflections. If the motion is resolved into two perpendicular components, there will be a phase difference between those components. This experiment will investigate the relationship by measuring the oscillations with the help of two perpendicularly mounted dynamic force sensors. The amplitude of the components and their phase difference will then be evaluated.

Experiment Instructions CLICK HERE


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Supplementary Kit “String Pendulum”, 1012854 [U61025], Oscillations

Supplementary Kit “String Pendulum”

1012854 [U61025]
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Stand Equipment “Mechanical Oscillations”, 1012849 [U61022], Stands, Clamps and Accessories

Stand Equipment “Mechanical Oscillations”

1012849 [U61022]
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Sensors “Mechanical Oscillations” (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 1012851 [U61023-115], Oscillations

Sensors “Mechanical Oscillations” (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

1012851 [U61023-115]
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$ 258.00
PC Oscilloscope 2x25 MHz, 1020857 [U11830], Oscilloscopes

PC Oscilloscope 2x25 MHz

1020857 [U11830]
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