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2095 Precision Linear Expansion Apparatus

2095 Precision Linear Expansion Apparatus

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Precision Linear Expansion Apparatus

OPTIKA linear expansion apparatus is easy to use and very sturdy thanks to its aluminum base. Great readability using the provided dial gauge 0-10 mm, 0.01mm. Precision linear expansion apparatus is provided with two metal hollow rods of different materials that are heated by passing steam through them. The linear expansion of the different metals is measured using a dial gauge, the temperature is measured using a thermometer in contact with the rod. In this way we have obtained all information necessary to calculate the coefficient of linear thermal expansion.


Provided material - Base with holders (700 x 70 mm) - Aluminum rod 700 mm - Brass rod 700 mm - Dial gauge - Thermometer Required material not provided - Steam generator (code 2130) - Heating plate

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