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1442 Low Friction Track 120cm Base

1442 Low Friction Track 120cm Base

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Low Friction Track 120cm Base

Motion is subject to friction forces which can be reduced but not cancelled. Thanks to the low friction track you can carry out experiments on kinematics and translational motion.

Dimensions: Track + pulley: 140x14 cm Track The track is 120 cm long and it is made of anodized aluminum. Cart Made of varnished aluminum. Components: - Low friction wheels - Mass-holder - Lock hook - Spring bumper Photocell holders These holders can be customized to mount your own photocells.

Mobile pulley Made of anodized aluminum. You can adjust the pulley position using two precision bolts. Optional timer system 2 Photocells. 1 Timer. Timer description: - Readability: 0.001s - 9V battery included - 2 modes: To measure darkening time To measure elapsed time between the darkening of the first photocell and the second one. 9081 Optional timer system PRACTICABLE EXPERIMENTS Some experiments that can be carried out:

- Motion - Motion is relative - Reference systems - Physical quantities defining motion - Trajectory - The instruments for the experimental study of motion - Average speed - Instantaneous speed - Average acceleration - Instantaneous acceleration - Different types of motion - Uniform rectilinear motion - Uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion - The principle of inertia - The fundamental law of dynamics - Frictional force


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