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1429 Rotational Dynamics

1429 Rotational Dynamics

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Rotational Dynamics

Our apparatus consists of a variable binary gauge: the distance between the two sides of the binary gauge can be varied at its center by means of a screw activated by an external knob. The binary gauge is made of iron to prevent the ball’s weight (a billiard ball) from deforming the system’s geometry and affecting the results. A base to be positioned on the binary gauge and a level ensure the perfect horizontal position of the binary gauge. During the motion, the kinetic energy continuously transforms into rotational kinetic energy, creating curious effects, which can be explained with a detailed analysis of the center of gravity position. CONTENT Dynamics of roto-translational motion Relationship between gauge and speed of translation Transformation of translational mechanical energy into rotational mechanical energy and vice-versa Research of the point of maximum translational speed Centrifuge model Newton’s disk Savart’s siren


Supplied Materials:

1 Iron variable gauge guide with supporting pins 2 PVC supporting bases

1 Billiard ball

1 board

1 Level

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