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1341 Levers and Pulleys Experiment Kit

1341 Levers and Pulleys Experiment Kit

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Levers and Pulleys Experiment Kit

12 experiments CONTENTS The spring scale How to measure a weight or a force Let’s learn how to use forces in a wise way Equilibrium of a rod pivoted on its centre Simple machines Levers The fixed pulley The mobile pulley The simple block and tackle Couple pulleys in paralel Couple pulleys in series



1 Base with rod 1 Rod with hook 1 Boss-head 1 Perforated rod with pivot 1 Spring scale 10 50 g Weights with 2 hooks 2 Simple pulleys 2 Couple pulleys in parallel 2 Couple pulleys in series 1 String 3 Lens holders 1 Experiment Guide 1 Case


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