P1030001 Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

P1030001 Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit


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Complete Specifications

Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

Makeblock Neuron is an electronic building block platform for STEM education. It contains more than 30 kinds of blocks with different functions, so creators can build a variety of innovative gadgets. Through intuitive flow-based programming, creators can take full advantage of blocks to turn unlimited ideas into reality.


Blocks can be snapped together for quick assembly, and with super-durable design, product life is 10 times longer than the other products.

Control over the Internet

Use the pet feeder to feed your pet while you are on vacation.

More Blocks, More Gadgets

Continuous Updates Teaching Materials

Creators can start building a variety of innovative gadgets by following examples in the guidebooks – the continuous updates database is just waiting to be explored.

Apart from light sensor, knob and other common blocks, there is a range of unique blocks like cold cathode, MP3, 2.4G, camera block to build more creative gadgets.




Plug & Play

Neuron gadgets can be software independent. You can play Neuron gadgets with/without software namely in online/offline mode. In offline mode, you can build a gadget to activate a servo operation using Ultrasonic Sensor. In online mode, combined with our Neuron App, a gadget can be programmed to have complicated action sequences for servo operation and control its movement remotely. There are infinite ways to Plug & Play!

Flow-based Programming

The easy-to-use Flow-Based Programming in Neuron App software enables advanced features, like IoT and Microsoft Cognitive Services, with just a few touch.


All blocks can be compatible with the mechanical parts of Makeblock and LEGO® bricks via Neuron board.

mBlock supported  

Neuron gadgets can be controlled and/or programmed using mBlock & Neuron App.

Makeblock Creative Cloud

With Makeblock Creative Cloud, you and your family/friends can easily control your home Neuron gadgets via Internet.

Pogo Pin

Thanks to its simple and precise connection, Neuron blocks are more durable. More information about Pogo Pin can be referred to here.

Magnetic Design

The magnetic design at the back of Neuron blocks facilitates educators to demonstrate lab work and teach in front of their students.

Idea Cards  

In order to get started with Neuron, each kit equips several Idea Cards to provide you with some ideas and the corresponding instructions.


Use Cases

Software independent

Cool tech gadgets using Neuron Blocks.

 project video thumbnail

Work with software

1) Design a beautiful Dress with Lightening Blocks.

Makeblock Neuron Output blocks include lighting blocks like EL Wires, LED strip, RGB LED and LED Panel. This nice fashion dress is inlaid with 8 LED Strips, wings are made of 8 EL Wires and a botton. Different lighting effects can be achieved by programming through Neuron App.

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

Neuron App recognizes blocks in work and Neuron gadgets can be coded via Flow-Based Programming.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 9 in